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Very please use the form of e-mail: Artur.Piszczek@p-ait.pl or inquiry form which can be found in the section: www.p-ait.pl/en/kontakt
Phone only give short answers by asking for a correct description of the subject in the email.
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Every last Friday of the month: 15:00-17:00.
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Court expert: Tourism
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Travel Agency Wadi "The East"

(+48) 509 322 665
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Rated a 5 categories and issued final evaluation. The scale of their assessments that range from 0 to 5.

Assessment categories:
First interior design, cleanliness (0 ~ 5)
2 speed manual (0 ~ 5)
3 menu, variety of food and drinks (0 ~ 5)
4 Smell, taste, elegance, CONNECTIONS tastes, the pleasure of eating (0 ~ 5)
5 Price per portion (0 ~ 5)

Final assessment is the sum of the above categories: (0 ~ 5)

Description Category:
1. First interior design, cleanliness.
Assessment is subject to the appearance of the room, the surroundings in which they spend a few hours in the restaurant. whether it is purely for example. in the toilet, and the restaurant itself takes care of the look and feel of the environment and the cleanliness of tables, hall.

2. Second rate service.
Nobody likes to wait a long time for a meal, here is assessing the efficiency of order acceptance, efficiency and speed of preparation administration.

3. Third menu, a variety of food and drinks.
In this category, we evaluate how the choice offers us a restaurant menu, whether it is a few dishes or more of what we eat and drink in the restaurant.

4 Smell, taste, elegance, CONNECTIONS tastes pleasure of eating.
Assessed values ​​are subject to culinary dishes, what directly concerns sporzywania meal from the food zpachu the Ethernet link spices and what pleasure feels our palate and taste buds.

5 Price per aliquot.
Assessed in this category is subject to price on the bill, the amount of what we received on the plate.