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Every last Friday of the month: 15:00-17:00.
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Letter from the President, Polish Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers of the Polish Prime Minister.

Dear Sir, not a month goes to the Lord, people did not enter into any sector of the economy and without changing any laws suddenly told that what we were doing so far in terms of legal and tax was contrary to law and order to pay taxes five years ago with the interest. Go under the knife scattered sectors that focus small and medium-sized Polish company. Corporations, mostly foreign, not're moving. After this action the entire sector falls, because no one is willing to pay five years ago imagined taxes with interest. I would like you to realize that as I wyrżniecie the SME sector, the corporations will not be able to cash in on your dinner with wines after 800 PLN, because there are simply not enough. It SME sector creates 67% of the GDP, provides employment for three quarters of Poles. 99.8% of companies in Poland is the SME sector. Do not risk so. These activities are organized. I am in possession of the minutes of the meeting of the Ministry of Finance staff, during which the Minister Kapitsa threatening consequences of those officials who did not quite enthusiastic about implementing a new interpretation of tax. From our point of view are worse than the Mafia. Mafia demands payment from today. You from now and five years ago. Now the workshop came sector research firms. I believe that it is the Lord, so petty and it is not revenge for the results of electoral preferences. If this somehow does not change quickly, I assume that those who have not been exhausted - most leave or resign, and economic activity will remain only for lunatics. You have entered into a contract with someone from the record that any obligation may be amended at any time and must be paid five years ago? And such is your current offer. I also have an offer for you - you give for example. Caritas 50% of their earnings five years ago! This offer is fair. We have a large part of the certificate of no taxes, arrears of contributions to Social Security, and even I know those who have individual tax decisions of the Ministry of Finance that their interpretation of the rules is correct. So we were fine, and yet you demand of us paying five years ago. And if the Lord is right? If you become the Lord for a little reflection, please refer to their election programs 2007/2011, watch their speeches and their promises towards us. And then please try to look in the mirror. I am writing this letter solely in order to reduce the opportunity to speak to the Lord, as I wyrżniecie all Polish company that you did not know, and that officials were angry. The Lord is guiding them.

Thank you for your attention.
President, Polish Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers - Cezary Kazmierczak
In the month of July, our meeting was not held understandable reasons, which is the peak tourist season.
Therefore, the next meeting will be held in August.
Suggested topics include:
- New members
- The situation of Ukraine - Russia,
- The situation of Palestine - Israel,
- Paita certificates for other companies and entities
- New ideas members of the House.
Quite unusually, our meeting took place Monday: 30.06.2014
2 resolutions were taken.
Also discussed on several interesting ideas.
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