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The monthly meeting of the Chamber Members
I remind the House that the meetings are held regularly:
Every last Friday of the month: 15:00-17:00.
We invite you to a meeting of all interested
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The meeting took place on 31 October.
All members are concerned as the situation is taking place between the European Union and Russia. To our voices reach the Chamber of Tourism of several industries, criticizing the situation and hence loss of business.
Also discussed the coming Christmas season, and tourism fairs.
Our Chamber of tourism, has also received several invitations to various meetings, which makes us very happy.
Calls received from:
- Company TU Europa SA
- Embassy of Latvia in Warsaw
- Embassy of the Republic of Belarus in Warsaw
- POINT Budapest,
This meeting is an opportunity to exchange experiences, conversations but also the attention of other people. In the best of our ability, we try to respond to the invitation of our participation.
The meeting summed up slowly holiday season 2014
Members of this season compared to previous years.
Also talked about more and more unstable situations in the world and that may in the future be the zaganieniem problems.
Also proposed that during the winter meeting of the Chamber held less often.
Chamber members raised concern about a policy of Poland, which significantly reduces the growth of tourism.
No new resolutions.
At the meeting talked about the season: 2014.
Also raised the matter recent unrest in the tourist areas.
Directions podóży Polish and foreign tourists.
No resolutions undertaken.
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