Polish - Asian Chambers of Tourism
Polish - Asian Chambers of Tourism
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Contact details and inquiries
Very please use the form of e-mail: Artur.Piszczek@p-ait.pl or inquiry form which can be found in the section: www.p-ait.pl/en/kontakt
Phone only give short answers by asking for a correct description of the subject in the email.
The monthly meeting of the Chamber Members
I remind the House that the meetings are held regularly:
Every last Friday of the month: 15:00-17:00.
We invite you to a meeting of all interested
Court expert: Tourism
Our good partner
Travel Agency Wadi "The East"

(+48) 509 322 665
Representative of the Chamber
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Supporting Members

Supporting Members are those individuals who may not be members of the usual formal reasons, eg they are not related with the tourism industry, they do not work in tourism, but want to support our efforts and help us in the activities of the Chamber. It's also people who may not be members of the Chamber for legal reasons or their function or work, prevents the formal joining the organizations, associations, Chambers. All these people can support our efforts and assist in the development and operation of the House. Supporting members may be, for example:
- The clergy,
- Government Officials,
- Ambassadors
- Diplomats,
- Consuls,
- Politicians,
- Journalists and editors,
- Lawyers,
- Lecturers and academics and teachers,
- Scientists,
- Students
- Students
- Social workers,
and any person wishing to assist in the development of our Chamber, and not professionally active in the tourism industry.